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9 months ago

Do we really need self-help gurus to feed us commonsense advice? | Life and style

Happy new year! Its a time for introspection and reflection, for new beginnings, and for writers and publishers of self-help books to exploit us at our most vulnerable.

Look, Im not naive. The festive period has just finished. Its reasonable to assume that most of us ate something when we werent that hungry, or bought something non-essential. Im pretty sure my daughter didnt need how old is tai lopez a WMF McEgg egg-cup-and-spoon set for Christmas, but the McEgg, which I presume is the eggs surname, comes wearing a tiny hard hat (that keeps the egg warm), is holding a tiny how old is tai lopez

9 months ago

5 unanswered questions about Bernie Sanders' health care plan

Shifting the U.S. to a single-payer system would be very disruptive, experts say. The eight-page proposal Sanders released Sunday night does not explain how Americans would transition from our current health care model, which relies heavily on private insurers, to a government-run program more akin to those found in Canada and Europe. It also lacks details on how his universal health care plan would actually work.

"We've never had a serious debate about single payer in this country. We haven't had to work out all the details," said Larry Levitt, senior vice president at the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Here's what we know about Sanders' plan:

Under Medicare-for-all, Amer

9 months ago

Frivolous Medical Malpractice Suits Are Myth Says Lawyer

Houston, TXVeteran Texas lawyer Kay Van Wey grits her teeth when she hears lawyers being accused of bringing frivolous medical malpractice suits. Van Wey has been practicing law for 30 years and most of her work has focused on patient safety. She represents people injured by medical errors, pharmaceuticals or medical devices.

I get riled up when I hear that same old propaganda that doctors are being harmed by frivolous lawsuits. Nothing could be further from the truth, says Van Wey.

Why would any law

9 months ago

Centennial Real Estate Company, Montgomery Street Partners and USAA Real Estate Company Acquire Five Westfield Properties for $1.1B

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dallas-based Centennial Real Estate Company (Centennial), Montgomery Street Partners (MSP), the real estate investment affiliate of Blum Capital Partners (Blum), and USAA Real Estate Company, announced today a $1.1 billion acquisition of five regional malls from Westfield Corporation (Westfield).

Centennial will be the managing company responsible for the daily operations of each of the centers. MSP and USAA Real Estate Company will be financial partners, and Westfield will maintain

10 months ago

Eight top Dubai souvenirs | CNN Travel

Shopping: its pretty much modern Dubais reason for being.

Fans of the city say you can buy whatever your heart desires there.

Almost literally: Dubai does, after all, have the worlds largest shopping center -- the Dubai Mall -- and it contains a lot of stuff.

The problem is knowing which stuff to haul back home as a keepsake or a gift for your nearest and dearest.

Or just for the people who bought you some stuff the last time they went away.

Gold from the souk

11 months ago

How Black Friday Played out Around the Country

Black Friday, the unofficial start to the holiday shopping season, isn't always what people expect.

In Colorado, for instance, marijuana stores got into the act. In Arizona, families skipped the spending frenzy to go hiking. And in Chicago, shoppers snapped photos of demonstrators protesting the police shooting of a black teenager.

Overall, there seemed to be smaller crowds throughout stores and malls across the country.

Here's how the day played out:


Hundreds of protesters blocked entrances to stores in Chicago's high-end shopping district to draw attention to the police shooting of a black teenager.

The demons

11 months ago

Is There a Difference Between Tiffany, Costco Diamonds?

Diamonds are a $30 billion a year business. You can buy a diamond at the mall, at a fancy boutique and even online. With so many merchants selling them, how can you be sure you're getting a good stone at a fair price?

"Good Morning America" shopped at both ends of the spectrum, buying one diamond ring at Tiffany & Co. for $16,600 and one at Costco for $6,600.

Tiffany & Co.All diamonds come from deep within the Earth, but there are lots of different places you can go to get one. We started at Tiffany. We had thousands of diamonds and elaborate settings